ANZI Pacific Forum comes to Cairns in 2021!

ANZI Cns.png

Due to the continuing Covid 19 situation and the severe economic impact in New Caledonia, the Forum Standing Committee, in consultation with New Caledonia has agreed to their request to stand aside in 2021.

Resulting from this decision the future schedule for ANZI Pacific Forums has been amended as follows:

  • 2021 Australia

  • 2022 New Zealand

  • 2023 Indonesia

  • 2024 New Caledonia


The Forum Standing Committee is delighted to announce that Cairns (QLD) has accepted the challenge to organise the 2021 area forum.

PDG Pat Lynch has agreed to head up the organising committee and they have already had great venue offers and significant financial support indicated by the Cairns Business and Events organisation.

It will be a great event held 3-5 September 2021 and will be a great way to celebrate the liberation from tight Covid 19 restrictions.


PCC Bruce Hudgson

MD201 Representative

ANZI Pacific Forum Standing Committee