ANZI Pacific Forum comes to Cairns in 2022!

ANZI Cns.png

ANZI 2021 cancelled

With the COVID-19 crisis escalating further in New South Wales, harsher lock-downs imposed and uncertainty as to how the next few months will play out, the Organising Committee for this year’s ANZI. Pacific Forum have had to make the regrettable decision to cancel the Forum planned for  Cairns in September 2021.

As at 25 July, a total of 214 registrations had been received for the 2021 Forum, with several more in the pipeline. However, only 38% of those registrations are from Queensland and, should our borders be closed to the southern states, the small number of attendees makes the event unviable.

Refunds are in the pipeline

As the Forum for this year has been cancelled, all registration monies will be refunded. Registrar PDG Gary Kenny and Treasurer Rachel Davey are working together to this end and will be contacting all registrants for their bank details.

We would ask for your patience in this regard, as this is going to be a time consuming exercise, but be assured, you will receive your full refund in due course.


But there is good news

PDG Engelbert Krampl and PCC Bruce Hudgson, the MD201 representatives on the ANZI Pacific Forum Standing Committee executive, held an emergency meeting with the other members of that committee today, with the suggestion to possibly defer the Cairns Forum, rather than cancelling it altogether.

We are thrilled to announce that their suggestion was accepted, with a twelve month deferment granted.

Put it in your calendar

A lot of work has gone into the Cairns Forum over the past nine months and we are enthusiastically looking forward to putting all those arrangements to use in 2022. Organising committee secretary Norm McMullen is planning to hold further talks with the Pullman Cairns International Hotel with a view to securing the venue for next September—specific dates still to be confirmed.

We are hopeful that by this time next year, the COVID-19 situation will have eased, with vaccination roll-outs beginning to make an impression world-wide. We would like to thank all those who were prepared to take a chance and register for this year. We are as disappointed as you are, but are confident that next year’s will prove to be a bigger and better Forum.

Please put us in your calendar for September 2022.

PDG Pat Lynch
Organising Committee Chair