ANZI Pacific Forum

3 au 5 September 2021

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cancellation of anzi pacific forum 2020

I regret to advise that at the 2020 Forum Committee held today that the decision has been taken to cancel the Forum in Perth  in September.  The decision has not been taken lightly but with the continuing Covid-19 situation and continuing closing of borders it is not financially prudent to continue on.

There have been some registrations and the Committee will be proceeding to work refunds through.For those who booked accommodation with the A-Loft Hotel they will need to contact the Hotel directly.

I want to take the opportunity  to thank the Committee comprised of members from W1 and W2  for their strong efforts to provide a Forum for us  and the diligence and courage they have had to face what is a tough decision today..

Whilst  we are not getting together in 2020 you can look forward  with excitement  to New Caledonia in 2021


Bruce Hudgson

Past Council Chairman

Chairman ANZI-Pacific Forum Executive Standing Committee

Photography courtesy Tourism Western Australia

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