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Session 1

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Session 1

LCI - OnLine & Up to Date

PDG Meg Butler

Lions Eye Health Program


Tackling Diabetes

PDG Pat Mills

Marine Turtle Rescue

Jennie Gilbert

Session 2

Bridging the Divide

PCC Kim Forrest

Know Yourself

First IVP Dr Patti Hill


IPIP Douglas X. Alexander

New Service Projects

Peter Bright

Session 3

First VDGs with

First IVP Dr Patti Hill

Who are the Lions

What have I joined?

DG Lee-Ann Anselmo

LCIF Grants

Ben Futransky

Promoting "My" Club

Sari-Elle Kraemer

PIP Kajit Habanananda

Session 4

It's a virtual world

meetings and fundraisers

DG Daniel Marney Elkins

Lions International

HQ Presentation

Sanjeev Ahuja

Hearing and Diabetes Dogs

CEO David Horne

Session 5

Insurance and Risk Management

Gary Bates

Child Safety

Donna Hedges

Specialty Clubs

PDG Yahya Yastputera

Planning for Success

Graham Estreich

Stinger Research

Robert Courtney

Session 6

Fishing where the fish are

PDG Alice McDonald

Childhood Cancer

PDG Ron Skeen

Leadership Pathways

PCC Phillip Johnson

PDG Neil Wingrave

Promoting "My" Club

Sari-Elle Kraemer

Need for Feed

PDG Graham Cockerell

Session 7

Lions Looking after Lions

PDG Deirdre Bridge

Partnerships to Grow Service

First VDG Peter Korndorfer

Australian Lions Foundation

PID Tony Benbow

Inspirational Leadership

Pam Bennett & Victoria Cochrane


Hear me ROAR

First VDG Jo Lynes


Campaign 100

PIP Jitsuhiro Yamada



PDG Alice McDonald

75th Anniversary Gardens Slideshow

ANZI 2022

Photo Montage

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